Ruby-July Birthstone

What is July's Birthstone? - Ruby Gemstone

As the birthstone for the month of July, ruby has long been associated with passion, power, and magic.

Its vibrant color and rich history have made it a beloved gemstone among collectors, jewelry lovers, and spiritual seekers alike. But what is it about ruby that makes it so special?

The Lore of Ruby: Stories and Legends

One of the reasons ruby holds such an important place in human culture is its rich history of lore and legends.

In ancient India, ruby was believed to offer protection from evil spirits and bring good fortune. In ancient Rome, it was worn by warriors as a symbol of strength and courage. And in medieval Europe, it was prized for its ability to ward off the plague.

But perhaps the most famous story about the power of ruby is the legend of the Blood Diamond. According to the legend, an ancient warrior who was wounded in battle fell in love with a beautiful princess.

To prove his love, he bled onto a small stone and gave it to her as a token of his affection. The stone, it is said, turned into a ruby and became a symbol of their undying love.

The Science of Ruby: Compositions and Qualities

Beyond superstition and legend, ruby is also valued for its scientific properties. It is a variety of the mineral corundum, which is composed of aluminum oxide.

The bright red color of ruby comes from the presence of trace amounts of chromium, which cause the stone to absorb light in the blue-green part of the spectrum and reflect red.

Ruby is also known for its hardness and durability. It ranks 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, just below diamond, and is resistant to scratches and chips.

This durability, combined with its beauty and rarity, has made ruby a popular choice for fine jewelry.

The Magic of Ruby: Healing and Spiritual Properties

For many people, ruby's power goes beyond its physical and chemical properties. It is believed to have spiritual and healing properties as well.

According to crystal healing practitioners, ruby is a stone of passion, courage, and vitality. It can help to stimulate the root chakra, which is associated with the physical body, and the heart chakra, which is associated with love and compassion.

Ruby is also said to be a stone of protection, especially against negative energies and psychic attack. It can help to dispel feelings of fear and anxiety, and to promote a sense of inner peace and calm. Some people even believe that ruby can enhance psychic abilities and aid in meditation.

The Art of Ruby: Famous Jewelry and Designers

Finally, ruby has played an important role in the world of art and fashion. Some of the most famous jewelry pieces in history feature ruby, including the Mogul Mughal Necklace and the Burmese Ruby Tiara.

Ruby has also been a favorite of famous designers, such as Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and Bulgari.

Today, ruby continues to inspire designers and collectors. Whether set in a simple pendant or a lavish tiara, ruby has a timeless beauty and powerful allure that transcends trends and fashions.

Conclusion: The Eternal Appeal of Ruby

In the end, what makes ruby so special is its combination of beauty, rarity, and rich history. From ancient legends to modern jewelry design, ruby has captured the imaginations of people around the world.

Whether you are drawn to ruby for its spiritual properties, its physical properties, or simply its undeniable beauty, there is no denying the power and magic of this amazing gemstone.

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