December Birthstone-Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite

Understand The Symbolism Behind The December Birthstones

The Magic of December Birthstones

As the end of the year approaches, people born in December have three magical birthstones to choose from- Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, and Tanzanite. These beautiful gemstones carry symbolism and meaning that go beyond their aesthetic appeal.

In this piece, we'll explore the different schools of thought surrounding these stones, as well as share some interesting insights about them.

Blue Zircon: A Stone of Prosperity

Blue Zircon is a beautiful, transparent gemstone that comes in a range of shades from pale blue to deep blue-green. It is believed to bring prosperity and success to its wearer, as well as offer protection from negative energy.

In ancient times, Blue Zircon was associated with healing and spiritual growth. It was used in meditation, and its energy was said to open the third eye and encourage communication with the divine.

Blue Topaz: A Stone of Communication and Creativity

Blue Topaz is a brilliant and vibrant gemstone that comes in various shades of blue. It is believed to promote clear communication and creativity, making it an excellent stone for writers, artists, and public speakers.

Blue Topaz is said to help its wearer express their thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently, while also encouraging them to remain open to new experiences and ideas.

It is a stone of peace and tranquility, helping to calm anxious minds and soothe frayed nerves.

Tanzanite: A Stone of Transformation

Discovered in Tanzania in 1967, Tanzanite is a rare and magnificent gemstone that ranges in color from light blue to deep indigo. It is believed to be a stone of transformation, helping its wearer to let go of old patterns and beliefs and embrace new experiences and opportunities.

Tanzanite is also said to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment, helping us to connect with our higher selves and the universe around us. Its energy is cleansing and purifying, helping to heal emotional wounds and inspire positivity and optimism.

Inspiring People and Their Connection to December Birthstones

Throughout history, many notable people have been born in December and have had a connection to one or more of these birthstones.

For example, Ludwig van Beethoven, born on December 16th, was said to have Blue Topaz in his collection of precious gems. His music is said to have been inspired by the stone's creative and communicative energy.

Another notable person born in December is Jane Austen, whose birthday is on December 16th. She is thought to have had a Blue Zircon in her possession, which may have contributed to her success as a writer and her ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions in her novels.

Finally, Nelson Mandela, born on December 18th, had a strong connection to Tanzanite. He was known to wear a Tanzanite tie pin, which was given to him as a gift by a South African businessman.

It is said that the stone's energy helped him to stay focused and motivated during his long years of imprisonment.

Tactics and Strategies for Connecting with December Birthstones

If you were born in December or just appreciate the beauty of these gemstones, there are many ways to connect with them and tap into their energy.

Some people choose to wear jewelry made with Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, or Tanzanite to keep their energy close to them throughout the day.

Others may choose to meditate or perform energy practices while holding a small stone or crystal.

Regardless of how you choose to connect with these birthstones, it's important to approach them with an open mind and heart. Each stone has its own unique energy and can offer different benefits depending on how it is used.

Take the time to explore these December birthstones and discover the magic and meaning they hold.

Conclusion For December Birthstones

Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz, and Tanzanite are three beautiful birthstones that carry with them a rich history and deep symbolism.

Whether you wear them for their aesthetic appeal or connect with them on a deeper level, there is much to discover about these powerful gemstones.

By exploring their energy and meaning, we can tap into their magic and use their wisdom to transform our lives and connect with the world around us.

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